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Month of Unshakable Faith

April Theme: Month of Unshakable Faith
Text: Mark 11:22 (NKJV)

22 So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God.

I strongly believe the kind of faith our Lord is alluding to is what I described as “Unshakable Faith”

Unshakable faith is a faith that has total trust and reliance on God no matter the situation or the cost.

It’s placing all your confidence in God and nothing else!!!

It’s like when an earthquake strikes in your life, no matter what the magnitude of the quake is, you are left unmoved. Perhaps shaken, but not moved or broken.

It’s the ones that endure to the end, no matter what mountain there is to face that can reap the benefits from this kind of faith.

This is the faith that moves mountains from one point to another, literally Mark 11:23

The Bible is filled with example of people that had this kind of faith and we still speak of their faith. We see names mentioned in the book of Hebrews 11 “ hall of fame”

 They rise to the challenge. Noah, Moses, Abraham, Peter, and Paul were all great men who lived ordinary lives, who became extraordinary by demonstrating unshakable faith in God.

Why? They didn’t live for themselves, but for the purpose and will of their Father because of the trust they placed in God. They understood the cost to follow God. Do you understand the cost?

Do you live for yourself? Where does your trust lie? There may be a day when we may have to count that cost, and see where our faith and trust really lie’s.

This month I encourage you to see things through the eyes of faith and be positive minded. Let your faith in God turn your impossibilities to God’s possibilities through unshakable faith in Him that have called you into His kingdom. 

God bless you.

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