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Praying without ceasing

July:Month of “Praying without ceasing “

We can Stay Freed Through Praying always.

I want to welcome you to the 2nd half of the year; your year of unusual ACCES  to divine provisions.

 Queen Esther had an Unusual Access to the presence of the king and that which was supposed to bring her death brought her promotion and made her influential, may that be your portion too in Jesus name.- Esther 4:1-17

And this month , the month of July is our month of: Praying Without Ceasing.
The text : 1 Thessalonians 5:17

You find a similar text in Ephesians 6:18- praying always ...

Incidentally, this is the month the United States celebrate her independence. We want to thank God for the independence Day remembrance of America.

Just as America continue to safeguard and protect her freedom, Christian need to safeguard the liberty we have from the bondage of satan.

This is by maintaining our position in christ Jesus through which we derive our liberty from satan.

Am sure you know America will do everything to maintain her airspace, land borders and sea ports by making sure her military strength never goes down.

Same is expected of Christians. We must make sure nothing affects our liberty from satan by staying united with Jesus through prayers- to pray always.

Praying always means you are always in the conditions that will make your prayers to be answered.

The 2 conditions are 1; abiding in Jesus . And 2 Letting His word abide in you- John 15:7

I pray as you move through this month of July, may the grace to pray more be released upon you in Jesus name.

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