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Faith For A Time As This

Faith For A Time As This
Scripture Verse 2 Kings 7:1-5
Key Insights:
  • Continue to trust in the Lord. This is the year of great turnaround. Around the world it’s a tough time. Encouragement is needed. Don’t give up! God can turn things around. Work on your faith. God will see you through.  Amen.
  • Faith is rebounding around. Need faith to walk with God. God is our Divine Provider. Look up to the hills; the Lord will give us understanding. God is looking from Heaven. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want; remember God will see us through.
  • The King of Syria was going to war with Gods children. God revealed plans to Elisha. Others were nervous, not Elisha. He prayed and demonstrated he had faith.  He didn’t “see” but spoke the plan into existence in the midst of adversity. 2 Kings 7:1-5
  • There’s a hedge around your household; activate your spiritual eye. A chariot of fire is around us like Elisha. Don’t have fear. Everywhere you go; the hand of the Lord will be upon you. God is the God of the mountain and the valley. In today’s time, there’s Covid-19. There’s famine and death…but there’s going to be a turnaround tomorrow. God will bring you a surprise. Your surprise will come tomorrow! We need faith for the surprise to manifest. Need faith for your turnaround.
  • All things work together for good that love God. Romans 8:28
  • God is preparing a BIG exchange! God can give an unprecedented turnaround. God used something bad and turned it into prosperity during Elisha’s time and can do the same for his children today. Work on your faith level: according to your faith your surprise will be speedy or delayed.

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