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A New Thing

Scripture Verse:
Key Insights: Isaiah 43:18-19

This is the month of Divine Assurances. Seven is the number of completion, perfection and a new beginning. Any promise of God you can find… hold on to it and have faith. Amen!

God made a promise to the children of Israel when they were going through challenging situations. During bleak times, the Lord made a promise… a new thing would happen.  Isaiah 43:18-19.  That’s like today’s time. The Lord brought us into the second half of 2020. We made it to the other side. Mark 5:1

God is working for you; this is your season for a new thing. God said there will be a turnaround.  Before a new thing can happen, there will be challenges. Isaiah 43:2-3. Be able to come to God knowing you can with full assurance.

We have to reposition ourselves. Change our focus and stop looking behind. You cannot see what’s ahead for you or where you’re going if you’re constantly looking behind. It’s ok to learn from past lessons. Philippians 3:12-13.  God has gone ahead of you as a consuming fire. Deuteronomy 9:3. God has our best interest at heart.

You have to have a new revelation. Have to have a vision to forge ahead. Don’t have a pity party. Pick yourself up; shake it off. Expect new things!

Need to see yourself as God sees you. You’re not a beggar. You’re rich and you’re prosperous. Don’t let the Devil tell you otherwise. There’s no condemnation to them in Christ. Expect a new thing. Romans 8:1. You are a new thing in progress… God is still working on you!

Want a resolution. Change your thinking process. Hold onto God’s words and promises in every area of your life. Remember new things are different for everyone. Someone else’s new thing might be something you already have. Draw near to Him and expect your new thing. 

Children can want a new thing too. They can call out to the Lord. Psalm 8:2

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