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I shall finish well

December Theme: I shall finish well

Philippians 1:6 (NKJV)
being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;

Glory to God as we all have made it safely to the month of December 2021. We are all the product of work of grace of God, and so we are God’s workmanship. One thing I know about God’s work is that He finishes and perfect whatever He started. He brought us into January 2021, and He will  take us with Him to 2022 in Jesus name.

You and your family members, and mine inclusive are all God’s work of grace and God finishes well whatever He does. No wonder the Spirit of The Lord declared this month as our month of Finishing Well!! You shall finish well in Jesus name. Can you say it to yourself with conviction: Olanrewaju shall finish 2021 well!!!

 Brethren, the  work of grace is a good work, of which we are, a blessed work; for it makes us good, and is an earnest of good to us. It makes us like God, and fits us for the enjoyment of God. That may well be called a good work which does us the greatest good.
 Wherever this good work started in 2021, it is of Godʾs beginning: He has begun a good work in you. We could not begin it ourselves, for we are by nature dead in trespasses and sins: and what can dead men do towards raising themselves to life; or how can they begin to act till they are enlivened in the same respect in which they are said to be dead? It is God who quickens those who are thus dead, Eph. 2:1; Col. 2:13.

The work of grace is but begun in this life; it is not finished here; as long as we are in this imperfect state there is something more to be done.

If the same God who begins the good work did not undertake the carrying on and finishing of it, it would lie for ever unfinished. He must perform it who began it. That is why I know that for as long as we continue with Him, the enemies will not overpower us in Jesus name.

We may be confident, or well persuaded, that God will not forsake us, but that He will finish and crown the work of His own hands of which we are. For, as for God, His work is perfect!!!

I will see you in 2022 as we All Finish Well in Jesus name.


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