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Peace From God In The Midst of Anxiety

Peace From God In The Midst of Anxiety

Key Insights:
  • March is the month of Divine Unity. At the beginning of 2020, Peace and Divine Safety was the message for the year
  • Anxiety can lead to an early grave. Anxiety is not just here locally, in Houston, the US, but it is all over the world
  • Even in the midst of all this uncertainty- Your household will still have peace. Psalms 102:1-3. I Kings 5:4
  • Even like today with the Coronavirus, Gods people were protected in the land of Goshen from the swarm of flies. God went ahead knowing people would need cover and His people were protected. Exodus 8:22-24
  • "Fear Not". Exodus 20:20
  • Coronavirus is a test. Are we holding/staying faithful? We have the power over the spirit of anxiety. How are we praying? This will pass away!
Things to enjoy even during what looks like anxiety.
  • Don't lose yourself in anxiety.He is the Prince of Peace. Always count on the Lord to fight your battles. The Lord is a man of war. The Lord is His name. Exodus 15:3
  • The Lord knows what to take away. He will subdue your enemies. Our common enemy to defeat i.e. Coronavirus. Anything not good for you, the Lord will cut down. Deuteronomy 20:20. We are in a season of Divine Peace and Safety, we can expect fear and/or anxiety to be removed from us. 
  • Do away with adulterous living and connect with the Lord. Leviticus 20:20
  • Be a solution to the problem. During this time, there's an opportunity to help solve some problems. Hezekiah made a pool and a tunnel which brought water into the city. II Kings 20:20
  •  Know the Lord. Connect with the Lord. Spend time reading your bible and praying. Consistently choose the Lord
  •  Follow the Law. Psalm 49:12, Romans 13:1-2 (i.e. social distancing. Direction given by the government)
  • Take comfort in the Lord. Psalm 94:19 

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