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The Covenant Generation

The Covenant Generation 

Key Insights:
  • The Lord will work through situations that causes anxiety. Be strengthened, encouraged and comforted. Romans 8:28
  • If you're in a Covenant with God- He will protect you and your household
  • What is a Covenant? A Covenant is a binding agreement. It is a promise between two parties and/or people. Some Covenants are called Conditional, Unconditional and General
  • God is the Author of the Covenant we're still under today. Covenant generation is the promise God made to Abraham. Genesis 17:1-8
  • We have assured Hope. Nothing will be powerful enough to break our existence (i.e. Coronavirus)
  • Do not give into fear. People are not understanding and are fearful because they are not of the Covenant
  • Some names of the Covenants are: Adamic, Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic 
  • God introduced a better Covenant with us because he loves us so much. John 3:16 
  • We are connected because of the blood of Jesus. Mathew 26:27-29
  • Nothing can shortcut our existence because of the Covenant. Do not lose hope, things will manifest
  • God is a Covenant Maker and Keeper. We have hope. We WILL have supper together
Benefits of the Convenant Generation:
  • Confess your sins. II Chronicles 7:14
  • Not a stranger in the land. Genesis 17:8
  • God says he will Bless you, Multiply you, Increase you, NEVER forsake you and give you a new name

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