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Mother, you will laugh again

Mother, you will laugh again
Scripture Verse Genesis 18:1-15
Key Insights:

The season of laughter will begin again today. Two key words show up in the scripture that have to do with a woman, Sarah. Laughter followed by a miracle and Sorrow. The first sorrow came with fruitfulness. In Genesis, we know Sarah became fruitful in her 90's.

Expect a miracle! Divine recovery; you will receive laughter. The Lord is faithful in All his ways.

Prerequisites needed for miraculous laugh:
  1. Full submission. Genesis 18:6
  2. Full obedience. Genesis 18:8
  3. Full hospitality. Do not forget to entertain strangers. Hebrews 13:2
  4. Always be ready to help. Be close by husband. Genesis 18:9. Must be willing to make selves available
  5. Honor your husband. Sarah referred to Abraham as "my Lord". Genesis 18:12. 1 Peter 3:5-6 references Sarah
  6. Must have faith. God will turn impossibilities into possibilities. Hebrews 11:6    
God can turn sorrow into joy. Need to walk in your faith. Nothing is too hard for God. Jeremiah 32:17. I pray you will laugh at destruction and famine. Job 5:22.

The hand of the Lord is upon you. Amen

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