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Recovering What the Enemy Has Stolen

Recovering What the Enemy Has Stolen
Scripture Verse: 1 Samuel 30
Key Insights:

In the midst of what’s going on, there’s lots of worry/concern. Since we do not want to lose anything of value, we have security in our homes and locks on our car doors. Our God will bring recovery our way. Amen!

The enemy is a thief and comes to steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10. The purpose of the enemy is to rob Christians. Covid-19 has robbed loved ones of their family, loss of jobs, finances. There is a restoration on the way! What goes on the spiritual world effects the physical world.

The book of 1 Samuel 30: 1-8 tells us King David was able to recover things that were stolen/taken from him. Even when no one was willing to help him and were against him, David strengthen himself in the Lord.

Are you questioning things such as your relationships, health etc.? When things are going on in your life- that’s the time to seek the face of God. In the midst of everything, remember God is faithful. Seek the face of God. Psalm 42:5. It is time for deep fellowship; that’s what David did when things were going on.

David inquired unto the Lord if he should pursue the troops and God answered him “Pursue, you will recover all”. 1 Samuel 30:7-9. Have you asked God for anything? Ask him what will He have you to do? God will not give you every specific detail regarding what you need to do or how to do something. “Hear” the Holy Spirit and move forward. We don’t get all the information at one time… you may get a little here and a little there. Need to trust Him in obedience.

Steps of the righteous man, woman, boy, girl, Church are ordered by the Lord. Step out in Faith:
  • Fellowship is needed. Talk to God
  • Let go of anger. Don’t be upset with others
  • Seek the face of the Lord
  • Have a heart of kindness
  • Have a blessing mindset
David was a blessing to the Egyptian. 1 Samuel 30:11. God will open your eyes to certain needs. God will make your recovery to be smooth. David recovered all. 1 Samuel 30:18-19.

More than anything, fellowship is needed now. The enemy is attacking by keeping Gods people away from the presence of God. The Lord doesn’t just recover; He multiplies. Amen


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